Къде to learn Bulgarian?


Къде to learn Bulgarian?

A few recommendations on how to learn and know more about the language


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Къде to learn Bulgarian?

A few recommendations on how to learn and know more about the language

The rumour is true, Duo Lingo isn't enough. With the obvious minus that there aren't many places where one can enrol in a class, learning Bulgarian is definitely a tough call. However, mastering it is manageable if one is focused and brave enough to try it out in everyday situations. As schools open again following the easing of the preventive measures regarding the COVID-19 spread, you might as well enrich what you know so far.

Step to Bulgaria highlights that it's not just teaching language but also helps with integrating into the local culture and understanding some shadowy nuances. The venue offers both individual and group classes, with various price packages and with all teaching materials included in them. More at steptobulgaria.com

Learn Bulgarian with Edno School is focused on inspiring foreigners to make their first steps into Bulgarian's minefield of grammar. As capacity restrictions are still in place, there are several options how to take your classes, one of which is the so-called bended course - half of the course is taught online, the other half - in the classroom. Fees range between 180 and 380 leva. More at learnbulgariansofia.com

As the name suggests, English World Academy specializes in teaching English but it is also offering individual lessons for foreigners after consultation about one's level, expectations and personal needs. Moreover at englishworldacademy.com

The Department of Language Teaching and International Students at Sofia University is also offering courses and if you're in for some serious learning, there's a 9-month intensive course. Some of the classes have the option to be held outdoors. If you're already "на ти" with the Bulgarian language, there are also proficiency courses. Application forms and more information are available at deo.uni-sofia.bg

Check to see how the different organizations schedule their online and in-person classes according to the most recent preventive measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further recommendations:

- For years, Intensive Bulgarian vol. 1 and vol. 2 by Ronelle Alexander has been one of the most trusted student books by specialists for learning the language.

- Charitable organization Caritas is organizing a mentor program where locals meet foreigners to make them expand their language skills. More about this at ngobg.info.

- If you want to combine learning the language with more about the history and sociopolitical context, try mixing the new knowledge with the English-language podcasts Bulgarian History Podcast and The History of Byzantium, as well as Simple Bulgarian to get better with the slang and some everyday oddities. All available on Spotify.
Further reading: Bulgarian literature in English might give you more context about the history of certain places, phrases and expressions, even local humour.

Georgi Gospodinov - Physics of Sorrow

One of the most acclaimed and internationally recognized novels of contemporary Bulgarian literature recently adapted as an animation movie by Oscar-nominated director Theodore Ushev. Translated by Angela Rodel. Released by Open Letter.

Kapka Kassabova - To the Lake

UK-based writer and traveller Kapka Kassabova goes deep into the region's multiethnic societies and turbulent history with her acclaimed non-fiction books To The Lake and Border. To the Lake is also adapted as a podcast by the BBC. Published by Faber.

Miroslav Penkov - Stork Mountain

In his first novel, US-based Miroslav Penkov tells the story of an immigrant who escapes his mediocre life in America and returns to small-town Bulgaria. Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.
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