K Insights Special Report: The Energy Future of Bulgaria #2
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K Insights Special Report: The Energy Future of Bulgaria #2

May 2022
The Energy Future of Bulgaria is KInsights' second Special Report for 2022 and it will look into the most important and interesting developments in the Bulgarian energy sector:

It is divided into three general sections - Gas & Oil, Electricity Market & Regulations and Wind & Solar, each consisting of several in-depth pieces on the political, economic, business and regulatory sides of each of these topics.
  • In the Gas & Oil section, you can find stories on how Bulgaria broke up with Gazprom, what are the country’s alternatives and when they can become a reality, and why the lack of alternatives for Russian oil seems to be a bigger problem than gas dependence;
  • In the Electricity Market & Regulations section, there is an inquiry into the details of the final version of Bulgaria’s Resilience and Recovery plan, analyses on the rise of renewable sources and the end of the Belene Nuclear project, as well as on how the Energy Act is being rewritten.
  • In the Wind & Solar section, you can read how every company can become an energy power plant, as well as a piece on how regulations to install one’s own PV unit are on the way to be eased - and advice on how to finance a RES project.
In the report, you can also find:
  • Dashboards with data about the the gas market in Bulgaria and Europe, fuel and electricity prices.
  • Analysis of the upcoming legislative changes that ought to ease installing PVs for own consumption.

Stories in this report

KInsights Special Report: The Energy Future of Bulgaria

What's next for the energy sector of the country in this threshold moment of history

Bulgaria’s liberation from Russian gas

The apocalypse dreaded by many after Gazprom stopped its supplies to Bulgaria did not materialize – on the contrary, it became clear that Sofia can reduce its dependence on Moscow gas

Bulgaria: More dependent on Russian oil

While diversifying gas supplies is difficult, but feasible task for the state, the same cannot be said about Bulgaria’s reliance on crude oil from Russia

Money for RES for businesses’ own use

Commercial lenders and Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) provide financing for solar power plants for businesses. Also, there is a funding program with 200 million levs in grants under the Recovery Plan

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