K Insights Special Report: Real estate market #3
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K Insights Special Report: Real estate market #3

August 2022
"Real estate market: the peak of the post-pandemic boom" is Kinsights's first special report on the state of the Bulgarian real estate market:
  • Housing market: high depend and low supply drive prices up
  • Offices and deals: top office owners, tenants, and new players
  • Consulting: hidden risk with preconstruction contracts, changed the designation of agricultural land

In the report, you can also find:
  • A ranking of the largest residential building permits
  • Coworking spaces across Bulgaria

Stories in this report

Postbank: mortgage loans rise in value, number of applications stable

The bank’s records show an average increase in property prices of 13% y/y in Q1 2022

The top housing projects in Sofia for 2021

The biggest investors by district

A new model: a company builds apartments for lease

AG Capital plans to build 1,000 apartments for this purpose. Then the company will sell them to a fund in a package

Co-working spaces: Rising from the ashes of the pandemic

Alternatives to "normal" office spaces have emerged from the last two years stronger than ever and are popping up all over Bulgaria

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