The day in 3 news: Coalition tensions over court positions; Free PV’s for some Sofia homes; Medical helicopters return

The day in 3 news: Coalition tensions over court positions; Free PV’s for some Sofia homes; Medical helicopters return


Nominations threaten coalition's harmony

January 11 is the deadline for parties in the Parliament to nominate lawyers for the two vacant seats in the Constitutional Court. According to an unofficial agreement between GERB, MRF and WCC-DB, one will be nominated by WCC-DB, but the procedure could create ruptures. .

The initial intention was to send Atanas Atanasov to the Constitutional Court. However, due to GERB nominating the chairperson of their parliamentary group, Desislava Atanasova, for the other position, WCC-DB decided that they should withdraw their "party" nomination and seek authority from the legal sector. This change obviously required Atanasov to be "compensated" with some other post.

The compensation of Atanasov could be at the expense of Nikola Minchev and according to Kapital information, Atanasov himself requested in the upcoming rotation with GERB in March to become the chairperson of the Parliament - a position that was considered guaranteed to Nikola Minchev from WCC.

Rooftop PV's to replace old machinery

Sofia Municipality has launched an order to provide some households with small solar panels with a power of up to 4 kW for roofs of single-family residential buildings, free of charge. This is part of the measure to improve air quality, including the replacement of polluting heating devices with air conditioners, heat pumps, etc., for the supply of which there were separate orders.

Twelve companies are competing in the tender for the supply of solar panels. The estimated amount is 4.3 million levs without VAT for a total of 220 photovoltaic systems, or about 20,000 levs for one 4 kW plant including batteries.

Helicopters for hospitals are back

This year will see air ambulances returning to Bulgaria. This month, the first helicopter that will operate under the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) system is expected to arrive. Licensing of the air operator, as well as the completion of all other details, should take place by mid-February.

According to HEMS, the first two certified medical sites will also work - that of the MBAL hospital Uni Hospital in Panagyurishte and St. Marina in Varna. Two more - St. Anna and St. Catherine in Sofia, are yet to be licensed. Thus, by March at the latest, rescue by air will be possible again in Bulgaria after 13 years.

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