The day in 3 news: Cabinet targets restaurants; Russian boat in Black Sea crash; Peevski to lead MRF in parliament

The day in 3 news: Cabinet targets restaurants; Russian boat in Black Sea crash; Peevski to lead MRF in parliament

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Cabinet wants tips to be taxed

Gratuities in bars and restaurants should be subject to tax and insurance, according to the latest cabinet proposal. The government's initiative has appeared in its draft law on income tax with the package of tax laws already in parliament and up for debate this week.

Establishments awarded more than one star (such as restaurants) would also be required to have POS terminals for card payments and will have to pay their employees by bank transfer only. In exchange for these measures, the government is pegging the lower VAT rate for the sector at 9% until the end of 2024.

The measures, especially the tax on tips, are unlikely to be passed because GERB's support is needed for budget and tax laws, and its leader Boyko Borissov, and the MRF, stand firmly behind the restaurant sector and their preferential VAT tariff.

Russian boat crashes in Black Sea

The ship Slavyanin, sailing under the flag of Russia, has collided with another ship 46.6 nautical miles (about 85 km) east of the Bulgarian village of Tyulenovo, the specialized site has reported.

It is specified, although not officially confirmed, that the other ship is the Palau-flagged general cargo ship NEW RAOUF, which was traveling from the Ukrainian port of Izmail to the Bosphorus, while Slavyanin - was en route from Varna to the Caucasus.

NEW RAOUF was just east of the seaside village of Arapya and continuing its course towards the Bosphorus. According to sources, the ship has now left the area of the accident.

Peevski in effective control of MRF

MRF's MP and Magnitsky-sanctioned MFR MP Delyan Peevski is now the sole chairman of the movement's parliamentary group. Until yesterday, he held this position with Mustafa Karadayi, the recently resigned party chairman, but from the information on the website, it appears that Karadayi has also given up his leadership role in parliament.

Rumors are spreading that Peevski is now at the helm of the parliamentary group and will be in charge of legislative procedures. Honorary chairman Ahmed Dogan will remain the party's formal leader.

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