About Kapital

Political and business insights from Bulgaria, financial and economic news, and analysis - this is what you will find in Kapital Insights. It gives a narrated experience through the daily news-cycle and serves as a gateway to the most important information for your decisions. KI uses the base and experience of Kapital - the most influential business media in Bulgaria - to cover the local economic and business life with unparalleled depth and knowledge.

Whatever you are interested in - from energy and banking to retail and tourism - Kapital Insights has it covered.

Kapital Insights consists of several parts:

- The website provides daily in-depth analysis on a chosen important topic.

- The weekly newsletter distills the important news bits from the last seven days in a concise and easy-to-read manner, e-mail, and mobile-friendly

- Kapital Quarterly or KQ gives an overview of the last three months in a PDF format, convenient for long-reads and a more thorough experience

- Each year KInsights aims to provide one or several reports on the state of a given economic sector

Members of Kapital Circle - the business subscription - receive complimentary access to events and reports, as well as briefings on important topics.

The media is responsible to its readers, follows the principles of quality journalism, and adheres to the ethical standards in the profession.

About Economedia

Economedia is the largest business publisher in Bulgaria and one of the leading online groups. Our portfolio includes the most influential economic publication Capital and the news site Dnevnik. Economedia also publishes several specialized products such as Careers, Regal, Bacchus, Audit.info.

Economedia's mission is to provide reliable quality information and help readers make informed choices about their business and personal prosperity.

All products of Economedia respect the principles of quality journalism and responsibility to society. The editors of the publications follow the standards of the Ethical Code of the Bulgarian media and have developed strict internal quality rules.

Editorial teams are managed independently of company's business departments to ensure non-interference in the content.

Through all its media brands, Economedia reaches 1 800 000 unique readers per month. Our loyal audience is the most active economically and socially group of citizens, with high educational and professional status.

The company has transparent ownership. Owners of Economedia are Ivo Prokopiev and Teodor Zahov.

Sofia 1000,
Ivan Vazov str. 20