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March 2020
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 128 pages of quality reporting

Stories in this report

Geshev Unchained

The new Bulgarian Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev moved into first gear from the outset, picking fights with oligarchs, rural criminals and even the president himself. Is he aiming at something bigger than just crime busting?

No water to clean the garbage

Many Bulgarian towns live on water rationing and next to piles of imported waste because of intentional neglect by the authorities.

MRF Corporation

Launched as a party fighting for the political representation of Bulgaria’s ethnic Turks, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms has morphed into a quasi-business organization quietly pulling strings behind the scenes

Organized crime in Bulgaria: Five popular beliefs re-examined

Bulgaria, unfortunately, has built an image of a country deeply affected by organized crime

Is State Capitalism Marching On?

Within a brief period, Bulgaria’s government has aggressively injected billions of levs into key sectors, and has effectively started nationalizing businesses

Bulgaria - Turkey: The Perils of Engagement

Bulgaria appears to be doing Ankara’s bidding

A very serious spy vaudeville

The latest episodes of the unfolding Bulgarian-Russian spy saga leave a mixed taste

A Glitch on Bulgaria’s Euro Path

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov unexpectedly "freezes" Bulgaria's advance into the euro area despite positive signals from Brussels

Bulgaria gliding on the waves of the economic cycle

The local economy continues to move in sync with European trends, while opportunities for reforms slowly dwindle

The loophole of in-house procurement

The in-house procurement procedures – the awarding of public contracts without tenders, has become a favorite way to allocate money in a non-transparent manner

Bulgaria and the global slowdown

Some industries are already losing steam

The gambling war

The attack on gambling tycoon Vasil Bozhkov is yet another example of how politics and business in Bulgaria are intertwined

Taxing Trouble

The taxation Ordinance N-18 that affects almost every company in Bulgaria has introduced an extremely complex, unclear and expensive regulation, and will repel foreign investors

Bulgaria’s new factories

Investment projects worth 1.3 billion levs were announced last year, up 500 million levs on 2018

Bulgaria strikes at AirBnB,

After unsuccessfully trying to shut down the lodging sharing service, the GERB-led coalition government imposes a small fee on apartment owners

Bulgarian automobile market: Growing but getting older

In 2019, the share of diesel engines and vehicles that were more than 20 years old kept increasing

New cigarette peak

Rothmans primed to become the best-selling brand in Bulgaria

The PR and communications market in Bulgaria: Agencies of change

Riding on the waves of an expanding economy, communications companies have been cashing in

The biggest advertisers

The construction sector has significantly increased communication investment

Bulgaria's bright side: When smart ideas turn into business

Easy learning with & Sofia's favourite pizza & Wish a cake

The Other Southwest

Blagoevgrad still lurks in Sofia’s shadow despite its position in the economically affluent Southwest

Blagoevgrad’s Ivy League college

The town housing the American University in Bulgaria fails to tap its potential because of its location

The real estate market in Sofia shows first signs of recession

Sales increased in 2019 but, on average, prices stagnated

Filling the gap

First Investment Bank (Fibank) prepares to smooth out wrinkles on its balance sheet found by ECB

Investors snap up Bulgarian bonds

Since the start of the year, the Ministry of Finance has been briskly selling government bonds amidst strong investor interest

Bulgarian Stock Exchange: Enthusiasm dwindles early on

Eleven Capital to test the mood in March

What’s in it for Bulgaria in the EU’s Green Deal?

Bulgaria’s government is underwhelmed by the European Commission’s attempts to further increase EU climate change mitigation goals

How come high prices are actually low?

Despite record high electricity prices on the energy exchange, Bulgarian consumers keep getting a good deal

Eat & Drink in style

Manzo: if you're on a meat diet & Cozy cocktails out of the tourist traps & Where Asia meets Bulgaria

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October 2021
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 128 pages of quality reporting
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