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June 2018
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 128 pages of quality reporting

Stories in this report

Bulgaria's no-glitch EU Presidency

Bulgaria completed its six month stint at the helm of the Council of the EU defying its worst critics

Fast reads

The end of the Council of EU Presidency, the cabinet is already shaking, Desislava Ivancheva, the Bulgarian judiciary

The Mayor with Luminescent Hands

Desislava Ivancheva rose to fame as an anti-status quo mayor of a Sofia district and fell in the first publicity stunt of the newest institution supposed to fight high-level graft in Bulgaria

CEZ case confirms the doubts about Bulgaria's institutions

Friedrich Naumann Foundation director for SEE Daniel Kaddik

To what extent is Bulgaria really corrupt?

Graft is chronic; the good news is that business-related corruption is on the decline

Bulgaria's feckless fight against graft

Lack of public support, insufficient institutional capacity and political power plays prevent meaningful anti-corruption policy

Is a civic and democratic party still possible in Bulgaria?

The various splinters of the centre-right parties are attempting yet another unification

The Deputy-PM Waging Multiple Wars at Once

Valeri Simeonov has proven himself as the most racy and controversial member of the third Borissov cabinet

A New Image for Mr Peevski

A film production company is set to buy half of the newspaper business of the Bulgarian media mogul

Bulgaria's media-industrial complex

Bulgarian politicians helped create Delyan Peevski’s media empire, but now fall prey to its unrestrained influence and his demands

Bulgaria attemps to resurrect Belene NPP project once again

The new return to the abandoned project backed by Russia revives old concerns and stirs old controversies

When not failing is a great success

Bulgaria did not finish its presidency of the Council of EU with a new shiny image as many had hoped but it proved it can run the bloc’s day-to-day affairs

What's in it for Bulgaria in the new EU budget

Bulgaria is one of the few countries that will see increased allocation of funds in 2021-2027

What does Bulgaria want from Russia?

Sofia frequently gets humiliated by Kremlin, because it can't formulate its strategic interests

Bulgaria faces an additional challenge on the path to the euro zone

Despite advice not to rush, the country will apply simultaneously to join the EU's Banking Union and the euro's waiting room – ERM 2

Made in Bulgaria: Auto parts, arms and copper

Bulgarian exports of capital goods are on the rise but without fresh investments the sector will soon reach its limits

When will Bulgaria catch up with the West?

Eastern European EU members are slowly but steadily converging with the richer European states

The Bulgarian economy takes a pause

GDP kept up its 3.5% growth rate in the first quarter but Europe is slowing down. When will Bulgaria follow?

Hello, inflation!

Prices in Bulgaria have taken a turn and are on the rise after three years of deflation. Forecasts are betting on a slight acceleration in 2018 and 2019, but current inflation levels are still nothing to worry about

Why Are Western Investors Leaving Bulgaria?

Big and established international companies are selling their Bulgarian assets to East European or local buyers.

So long, ladies and gentlemen

Big Western companies are leaving their media assets in Bulgaria mainly because of the turn in their global strategies and their disillusionment with the profit rates in the country

You’ll be sold if you are small or deficient

Narrowing margins, a result of negative interest rates and stringent regulations, make smaller banks less and less profitable

The property market: Local players and South African funds

The number of Western European and American buyers in Bulgaria and the region is decreasing

A year of record profits

The profit of the top 100 companies was 35% higher compared to 2016.

In the fast lane: fuels, metals, manufacturing

The business of the 50 fastest-growing companies expands by 47% on average in 2017.

Top 50 in/in terms of assets: the investment season

Yet another year of economic growth facilitated investment in new production capacities

Bulgaria’s office market 2018: Abundance of projects and tenants

More than half of the rental deals in the first quarter are related to buildings under construction, to be completed by the end of the year

Au Revoir, SocGen

The Eastern European market turned too tight for Société Générale

The best banks in Bulgaria in 2017

DSK Bank returns to the top spot

Accelerator for Bank Mergers

After the sector shrunk by four banks in the last five years, at least two more sales and a merger are expected before year-end.

Gradus stirs the Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Investors hope that the IPO of Bulgarian egg and poultry producer could be a wake-up call for the somnolent domestic stock market

Electricity market reshaped

Increased competition, more choices for consumers

Big Energy Dreams Revived

PM Borissov’s government resurrects two scrapped Russian-backed projects without clear idea about costs

The words you need to know this month

Fandakovka. Golyam Shlem. Balgarshtina.



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October 2021
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 128 pages of quality reporting
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