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July 2020
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 128 pages of quality reporting

Stories in this report

Six lessons from COVID 19

Bulgaria weathered the first part of the pandemic unexpectedly well but then started failing

Bulgaria's new general

The head of the anti COVID-19 fight, Ventsislav Mutafchiyski, quickly turned into a new fan-favorite during the first months of the pandemic, spurring speculation about a potential role in politics

Borissov’s house of cards is shaking

The Bulgarian prime minister is facing a public storm, leaking of secrets and a rampant prosecution service. This promises turbulence ahead for him and the country.

Seven days that shook Bulgaria

How a rubber boat landing on a Burgas beach caused a chain of events that led to protests across Bulgaria

Remember those scandals

Before the COVID-19 crisis took center stage a series of crisis seemed to be shaking the government. Now they are conveniently overlooked.

Kapital Quarterly Corruption Watch

The quarterly index of bad practices

It is not easy being a Good Neighbor

Sofia’s decision to re-ignite identity disputes with North Macedonia comes at a sensitive moment, putting more than its good relations with Skopje in jeopardy

Is it tomorrow yet?

In his new book, Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev looks at the world after the Corona

Bulgaria finally enters the euro’s waiting room

The country will continue implementing reforms in the judiciary and in the fight against organized crime and corruption, according to the ECB

Bulgaria revamps budget as coronavirus bites

The government has revised the 2020 budget to cope with the fiscal fallout from the coronavirus crisis

The VAT shock

Restaurants, books and baby goods got a surprise cut in VAT rate from prime minister Boyko Borissov

Time for new debt

The higher ceiling for new debt issuance gives the Bulgarian government more fiscal room for policy-making

Economic growth slips

Bulgaria’s economic growth slows to six-year low of 2.4% in the first quarter of 2020. Timid signs of recovery can already be seen but it is still too early for optimism

Obtaining investment protection in Bulgaria

The spiking political risk and the termination of Intra-EU bilateral investment treaty program are conflating in a dangerous spiral

Foreign business in Bulgaria: holding well amid Covid-19 turmoil

A short survey of KQ has found a huge discontent with the government’s economic support measures

The last strong year

The revenues and profits of the largest companies in Bulgaria increased rapidly last year but the Covid-19 crisis has put an end to a decade of growth

Machines and equipment: Pre-crisis growth

Capacity expansion boosted Bulgarian companies’ revenues last year but the slump in global automotive production will hit 2020 results

Ten years later: From bust to boom

Ten years ago, business collapsed as a result of the global financial crisis; survivors now enter into a new hard season By Tedy Vasileva

Software and fintech: Code growth

In 2019, the top 20 companies saw a fresh two-digit increase in revenues; demand for specialists remained strong despite the pandemic

Trends from Bulgaria’s regions

Changes at large local employers drive 2018 growth in several Bulgarian districts

What a waste

A large-scale Bulgarian business with international reach comes under unexpected attack from the prosecution

The office market: frozen in place

Post-coronavirus rules of the real estate game will probably become clearer this autumn

Bulgaria's bright side: When smart ideas turn into business

French macarons in Sofia & First street-food park & Robots + LEGO = success

The beauty of city maps

How open urban data helps make business decisions

How the government bought a bank

The government has cleared the last hurdle on the path to the Eurozone’s waiting room by purchasing a 20% stake in the private lender for 140 million levs

Bulgarian Development Bank’s New Leadership

A dubious loan stirred public uproar in April, leading to the quick dismissal of the bank’s management but the new team seems unlikely to fix the systemic problems at the state-owned lender

Energize yourself

All companies in Bulgaria will buy electricity from the energy exchange from now on

Bulgarian food and drinks: where to (re)start from

A short guide to rediscovering all things Bulgarian

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October 2021
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 128 pages of quality reporting
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