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June 2019
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 128 pages of quality reporting

Stories in this report

Boyko Borissov is stirred; but not yet shаken

Expectations that the May 2019 European Parliament elections would trigger a dramatic crisis of confidence in Bulgaria’s ruling GERB party following the real estate scandal did not materialize

GERB’s real (estate) troubles have just begun

A series of real estate scandals involving senior politicians, predominantly from the ruling GERB party or with ties to it, triggered hitherto unseen public outrage and serial resignations. The more profound effects are still to be felt

Players to watch: Borissov’s demoted lieutenant

Tsvetan Tsvetanov, the senior lieutenant of GERB leader Boyko Borissov and parliamentary whip, fell from grace in less than three months because of Apartmentgate

Having a fact-based opinion is now a felony in Bulgaria

The criminal sentence handed to Capital Weekly investigative journalist Rossen Bossev could serve as a precedent to suppress future journalistic investigations

A Martyr of (Anti)corruption

Desislava Ivancheva, the ex-mayor of Sofia’s Mladost district, received the heaviest graft sentence in recent Bulgarian history but the authorities’ handling of the case stirred public outrage and sympathy for her.

Guesthouses for politicians

Ahmed Dogan: MRF honorary chairman strikes again in Varna

Bulgaria’s Malcontents

Meet the under - 30s - young, angry and potentially dangerous

The Hospitable Sporting Nation

Still living off its faded sports glory, Bulgaria now dreams of hosting European and World Cup football championships, instead of investing in the development of sports

Bulgaria’s ‘No’ leaves Brussels unimpressed

Many in Eastern Europe perceive changes to the EU’s road haulage legislation as yet another attempt to prevent companies in new member states from reaping the full benefits of the single market

Historical troubles

North Macedonia and Bulgaria exchange fire over the commemoration of revolutionary Gotse Delchev in a spat that could signal deeper trouble

Export growth slows, yet value added grows

Bulgarian exports rose at a nominally disappointing annual rate in 2018 but goods sold abroad have become more specialized

Cruel summer

For the first time in years, fewer visitors will stay at Bulgarian seaside resorts

New hotels, new niches, new faces

At least five large resorts are set to open this year

Germany is the second largest investor in Bulgaria

Impact on retail and manufacturing is decisive

How Hard Can It Be?

Bulgaria may be catching up with the rest of the EU only slowly, but is now firmly ahead of other Balkan countries

Perestroika at Lukoil Bulgaria

Valentin Zlatev has been replaced after 20 years at the helm of the Russian company’s operations in the Balkan country

Amped wheels

Bulgaria enjoys booming e-bike production

Good revenue growth, moderate profits

The TOP100 companies grew revenue by 9% in 2018

The most profitable companies: Growth on all sides

The 50 most profitable companies of 2018 post record-high average profit margins of 25%.

Most Dynamic Companies: The Year of Construction

The revenue of the fastest growing 50 companies in Bulgaria rose 66% yoy on average in 2018

The biggest employers: People are needed, wages are rising

Exporters and retailers again hired most employees

Asset growth lags behind overall economic expansion

The assets of the 50 largest companies in Bulgaria grew by a meager 1.5% to 64.3 billion levs in 2018

Stara Zagora: The Unexpected Champion

The local economy recorded the highest growth rate among all Bulgarian regions in the past decade

The new industrial hives

Stara Zagora, Kazanlak, Sliven and Yambol regions are working together with the government to create economic zones for investors

Stara Zagora's new groove

From industry to operas and luthiers, the region has the best economic growth potential in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s residential market calms after years of growth

Prices have stopped growing, as supply and demand have started to equalize

The best banks of 2018

UniCredit Bulbank returns to take the lead in K10, the annual ranking of the leading banks in Bulgaria by Capital newspaper, largely thanks to a dividend sweetener in its profit

The Oligarchs' Coffer

The state-owned Bulgarian Development Bank has morphed from a small and medium-sized business aide to a lender of last resort for unstable and sometimes unsavory large companies

SOFIX remains lower YTD despite first monthly gain in 2019

Investors find refuge in real estate investment trusts

Why Greta is not so great in easter Europe

The new EU Member States are only grudgingly toeing Brussels’ line on climate change

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