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September 2017
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 104 pages of quality reporting

Stories in this report

The paradox of Borissov's third government

Without opposition, yet weak and vulnerable

There’s nothing better in store

PM Borissov’s third government is still fixated on stability, the momentum for crucial reforms seems to have stalled

When the fight against corruption came into fashion

The two major political parties clash over their competing visions of a new anti-corruption law

The Diplomatic Government

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s third term will be marked by a foreign policy push he will use to dampen criticism against his domestic agenda

Western Balkans on Bulgaria’s mind

Bulgaria’s diplomatic offensive in its neighboring countries is driven by its upcoming EU presidency. It is yet to be seen whether there is anything more beyond the photo ops.

How much is turmoil in Turkey affecting Bulgaria’s economy?

The rumours of Turkish businessmen fleeing to Bulgaria are overblown

Bulgaria is Knocking on the Euro’s Door

Sofia is trying to use the current political climate in the EU to move closer to the Eurozone

The Anchor of Bulgarian Economy

The currency board, probably the only unquestionable institution in Bulgaria, is viewed as a facilitator for accession to the Eurozone

Is Eurozone membership a worthy goal for Bulgaria?

The answer is not so clear-cut, as it used to be few years ago

Is the Bulgarian economy already operating at its potential?

The authorities need to start looking for new growth engines

Households driving economic growth

The value of goods produced in Bulgaria increased by 3.6% year-on-year in the second quarter driven by a surge in domestic demand

A good year for Bulgarian businesses

However, clouds are already visible on the horizon

Ten Years After: Businesses Rearranged

The K100 ranking features more manufacturing and high-tech companies compared to 2006

The biggest employers: Labor shortage weighs

The one hundred companies with the highest number of employees created over 8,500 new jobs last year. Export industries led the rise again but domestically oriented companies also reported growth.

Machines and Equipment: the Engine of the Economy

The sector keeps growing, companies increase profits and staff

Metals: Under pressure from low prices

Lower metal prices dent sales revenues, yet profits rise

Transport: Hunger for Truck Drivers

State-owned railway infrastructure company climbs to the top as road carriers lose revenues due to new EU regulations and unpredictable zones such as Turkey

Software: Bulgarian Companies Boost their Presence

Tech companies slightly slow down their revenue growth, new trends emerge

Agriculture: Yet Another Year of Low Prices

Over half of the biggest agri companies saw revenues drop in 2016. Most firms reported profits, albeit at narrower margins.

Retailers: Almost All Report Higher Sales

Increased consumption is reflected in the sales of the retailers which grow over 10% in the top-30 group

Textile and Apparel: Shortage of Hands amidst Plentiful Orders

The revenues of the largest companies in the sector grew by 7%. Exports from the sector rose at the same rate to 3.86 billion levs with 30% generated by the top 20 firms.

The Most Profitable Companies: Economy of Slot Machines and Lottery Tickets

Gambling has affirmed its position as one of the most profitable businesses in Bulgaria

Raiding Dunarit

A war for the remnants of Corporate Commercial Bank’s heritage looms large behind a drive to nationalize Bulgaria’s fourth largest armaments company

The fund of funds is finally operati onal

The administrative structure manages EU -funded financial instrument schemes

A million-dollar flight

New York-listed IT firm PROS Holdings buys Sofia-based Vayant for $35 mln on of the top 3 IT acquisitions in Bulgaria

The big European expansion of Bulgarian insurers

Growth-seeking companies are digging into neighboring markets - with mixed success

New managing body for Bulgarian Development Bank

The three new nominations are subjected to regulatory approval

SOFIX growth slows down amidst increased turnover

It is one of the best performing blue-chip indices in Southeast Europe since the beginning of 2017

A negative assessment of Bulgaria’s investment climate

The decision of Czech energy group CEZ to put up for sale its Bulgarian assets reveals the unfriendly side of Bulgaria’s investment environment.

The words you need to know this month

SujukGate. Borissov the Polyglot. Valeri the Silencer in Slanchaka.

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