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June 2017
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 128 pages of quality reporting

Stories in this report

Borissov 3.0: the European patriot

The new government will reaffirm Bulgaria's euroatlantic orientation to balance the increased power of the nationalist parties

You will know them by their appointments

The new coalition between GERB and the United Patriots offered very few pleasant surprises with appointments in top government positions

Right-wing parties’ half-life

The progressive, anti-corruption parties have not learned their lesson from the elections

Resistance is (almost) futile

There is little hope for a meaningful opposition in the 44th Bulgarian parliament

The Unholy Trinity

The three parties from the United Patriots might turn to be the bane of the third Borissov’ government

Bulgarian armed forces on a shopping spree

The government eyes new fighter jets, patrol ships, APCs

Why is Bulgaria prominently absent in Macedonia?

In theory, Sofia has all it takes to claim a leading role: geographical and cultural proximity, contacts, and, not least, EU membership. In practice, Bulgaria is at best an afterthought

Bulgaria: Unfit for Brexit

Sofia is set to be a bystander in the process of the UK leaving the EU, although it will be in its epicenter during its presidency of the bloc

The new Bulgarian Commissioner

Mariya Gabriel will be responsible for the European Commissions’ digital policies

Bulgaria: hands needed

Bulgaria’s labor market is struggling with a lack of workforce and increased labor cost

The Labor Market Recovery: A Structural Shift

Strong growth of ICT-related jobs

Export growth slows to 7.6% in April

Growth is driven mainly by higher prices and volumes of oil and copper products sold to non-EU countries

А big black hole in Bulgarian public procurement

A road agency tender revealed that it is prone to massive scams

Emil Karanikolov: The Master of Privatization

Nominated by Ataka, rose in the ranks under GERB, endorsed the privatization of Bulgartabac by Delyan Peevski - these are the career highlights of the new Economy Minister

A good year for big business

The growth champions are in the sectors of machine and equipment manufacturing, high tech and foods, as well as trade and textiles

BAT buys Bulgartabac’s cigarette business

The seller is believed to be MP Delyan Peevski, who will get more than 100 million euro

Who’s buying Bulgaria’s Nova Television?

A withdrawal of MTG from the privately owned TV channel may give full media control to powers behind the scenes

Litex Motors hits the wall

The demise of a car maker speaks more about the way business is done sometimes in Bulgaria than about the country’s automotive sector



It is not only tourism

The Black Sea town strives to become industrial center

Sunny expectations

Bulgaria hopes for a further rise in tourist numbers this year

Fibank in hunt for strategic partner

Bulgaria’s third largest lender beefing up capital buffers

Bulgaria’s best banks

UniCredit Bulbank leads Capital’s TOP 10 Banks ranking for a second year in a row

Low interest rates, positive corporate results support BSE’s strong growth

The Sofia Stock Exchange blue-chip index is best performer among its peer exchanges in the region

Bulgaria's inextricable love affair with Gazprom

Sofia plays defensive game in the face of weak European Commission handling of the Russian gas giant

No cartel found

The Bulgarian competition watchdog cleared Lukoil and six fuel retailers of previous charges of abuse of dominant market position and price fixing

The center moves to the left

Poverty, corruption, unemployment and ineffective government are Bulgarians’ main concerns

The words you need to know this month

"Umni i Krasivi". Mercury Retrograde. Tsatsaratura.

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