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October 2016
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 56 pages of quality reporting

Stories in this report

Bulgarian politics might be on the verge of systemic change

This is hardly good news for the country as it may lead to instability and turbulence

Weaker Threat to the Government from the Left

BSP’s primary aim is to dominate the left-wing space, not to fight GERB or win the presidential elections

Kornelia Ninova, the new hope of the political left

BSP elected an energetic, yet hectic leader who hopes to revitalize the party and make it an alternative to GERB

Uncertain future for the Reformist Bloc

The five (dis)united parties fight to survive amidst internal bickering and Borissov’s attempts to use them as a buffer

The Refugee Issue may Make Bulgaria more Xenophobic

Bulgaria continues to receive refugees despite the EU-Turkey deal

Always with Europe, never against Russia

Is Bulgaria under Boyko Borissov still a viable Western partner? or is it russia’s Trojan horse in the EU?

Does Bulgaria have a post-Brexit economic policy?

Attempts to lure companies willing to leave the UK is not a top priority for Sofia

Bulgaria unlawfully expels alleged FETO members to Turkey

A businessman, a teacher and a journalist were amongst the deported "Gülenists"

Bulgarian race for top UN job

How Bulgaria missed a fairly good chance for a Bulgarian to head the UN

Is Bulgaria entering a debt spiral?

Since 2008 Bulgarian governments have failed to restrain the growing fiscal deficit, which could be a long-term problem for the budget

Is job creation dying out?

The number of new jobs in the second quarter of 2016 hits a 2-year low

Ministry of Finance predicts moderate growth in the next three years

The economy will suffer from depressed external demand but domestic consumption will support growth

Game of Regulators

The appointment of new chairpersons of the two of the main market watchdogs still doesn’t meet the standards for transparent and competent selection

How Uber Lost its Battle with Bulgarian Regulators

Bulgarian taxi companies won the fight against the market- disruptive competition

The Phony Battle for BTC

VTB sells Bulgarian telecoms operator toVTB

Spas Roussev, The businessman every Bulgarian politician knows

The new BTC owner is a rare breed of a lobbyist who has been able to maintain his network of contacts for more than 20 years

Short stories: International Investors buy IT businesses while Peevski got back his printing house

Bulgarian tech companies start to appear regularly on global M&A map

The new Public Procurement Act:

Less indirect barriers for bidders, more transparency and flexibility

Automotive part manufacturers growing, mulling further investments

Bulgaria remains a cheap location for new enterprises but staff shortage becomes a problem

Not so stressful test

The banking system review was expectedly positive, yet questions remain

Unicredit Bulbank is the first bank to enter this financial segment and will help boost its growth

Filip Genov, leads the Unicredit Bulbank program for start-up loans

SOFIX catching fire

Bulgarian stock market ranks second only to regional leader Croatia in 2016, but the growth is shaky and can easily wither

Tomislav Donchev – the shadow energy minister

Most decisions about the big energy projects are taken in the Vice-Premier’s office

KZK finally discovers cartel on the fuel market

A year-long investigation by the regulator finds price fixing

NEK might survive after all

The National Electricity Company improves financial posture

The words you need to know this month

Yanevagate: The "Rotten apples" of the Bulgarian judiciary. Bai Hui, where are your basic manners? KTB files

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