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September 2019
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 128 pages of quality reporting

Stories in this report

Witch hunter General

The selection of Ivan Geshev as the next Prosecutor General will likely go unopposed, triggering seven more wasted years on the anti-corruption front and even more blatant institutional abuse of power.

Hijacking the Military Intelligence Service

Prosecutors change the chief of the most secretive and professional Bulgarian security service

The state with the most open data

The July leak of National Revenue Agency data belonging to millions of taxpayers exposed the current state of Bulgaria’s cybersecurity and commitment to electronic governance

Bulgarian Air Force finally gets on a westbound flight

The parliament ratified a deal to purchase eight new F-16 US made fighter jets

State companies invest in order to give more money to Ahmed Dogan

Parliament endorses unlimited donations to political parties from individuals and businesses

The Battle for Sofia

After 14 years of undisputed GERB hegemony in Bulgaria’s capital city, Mayor Yordanka Fandakova finds a worthy opponent in ex-ombudsman Maya Manolova

Bulgaria’s new position at the European Commission

The portfolio of Mariya Gabriel comes with vast responsibilities and a considerable budget but no political weight.

Bulgaria briefly enters EU’s political gameplay

Even though three Bulgarians were considered for four of the five top positions in the EU institutions, in the end Sofia got a second-tier spot in the European Commission.

Why doesn’t VW want to park in Bulgaria?

Europe’s largest automaker, Volkswagen, has yet to decide where to build its new production facility but Turkey seems favorite

Is Eurozone entry slipping away from Bulgaria?

Bulgaria may face fresh obstacles on its path towards the Eurozone and the Banking Union

Storm clouds gather over Europe's economy

Bulgaria’s economic growth slows to 3.3% in the second quarter of 2019, in line with the general European trend

Bulgaria in toll hell

Burdened by a lack of foresight and competence, the government failed to live up to its promises when introducing a road toll system

Derailing fair play

Bulgaria’s competition watchdog turns away foreign investors yet again

Krumovgrad’s hill of gold

Bulgaria’s first mine since the end of communism starts operating with a $165 million investment by Canada’s Dundee Precious Metals

Manufacturing is displacing retail at the top of Capital TOP100 ranking

As many as 10% of the companies in the 2008 ranking have disappeared since then but half of the remaining businesses are twice the size they were a decade ago

TOP 25 in software companies: Mass acceleration

The sector is the absolute champion in all of Capital´s Top 100 branch rankings for 2018. It reported the highest growth and the largest profits

TOP 5 in outsourcing: More services in more cities

The industry is going through a transformation and the share of businesses with more added value will continue to grow

TOP30 of Bulgaria’s construction companies: Riding on the highway of public contracts

The sector has achieved significant revenue growth mostly stemming from government contracts for infrastructure projects, but also because of a revival in the real estate market

TOP 12 in arms industry: Slower growth

After a record-breaking 2017, manufacturers and traders reported a downturn. The sector’s profit fell by half in 2018 compared to the previous year

TOP40 in machines and equipment: Happy rally

The biggest companies in the sector continued growing in 2018, with total revenue exceeding 8 billion levs

TOP10 in metallurgy in Bulgaria: Metallurgy remains healthy amid global risks

Revenues in the sector continued growing in 2018, albeit at a slower pace

Top 20 in agriculture: Good prices and a good crop

The grain business thrived, as the good harvest and higher prices brought in more revenue.

TOP 30 in food and beverages: A little richer menu

Most producers had a strong year but reported no record jumps

The Top 30 in the energy sector: Lingering defects

The biggest companies in the sector increased their revenue by over 1 billion levs in 2018

The TOP 25 in the fuel sector: A year of infighting and scandals

A major restructuring is underway in the sector as new players seek a bigger share of the market

Top 25 in the fuel sector: The largest companies are at a crossroads

The sector performed well in 2018 but key challenges lie ahead – the Sofia Airport concession, the EU decision on trucks and the introduction of the toll tax in Bulgaria

TOP 30 in retail: Moderate gains for consumer goods retail chains

Revenue growth slowed at retail chains in 2018 but remained adequate at over 8%

Bulgaria’s Bright Side: When smart ideas turn into business

Motoretta's speeding up & Zeazoo's steady steps & L for Lale. Lager

A coastal city willing to grow

Life is boiling in Burgas only during summer

The Burgas riddle

The region finds it hard to expand beyond tourism despite its strong economic profile, good infrastructure and quality of life

Sofia market still hungry for new office buildings

Available space is expected to increase by 20% in the next three years

ECB’s test: who failed and who passed

Four Bulgarian banks passed the European Central Bank’s comprehensive assessment, whereas Fibank and Investbank face capital shortfalls

Penalty mark for Bulgaria’s Green Card insurance

The European insurance regulator has probed the ongoing issue of compensations paid in Bulgaria in the event of road accidents abroad

Sofia blue-chip stock index suffers bruising in August ahead of rebalancing

The SOFIX index, which tracks the 15 blue chips listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, posted its biggest monthly decrease this year in August, losing 2.28% to a closing value of 567.45 points.

Electricity market gone crazy

Market manipulations are killing Bulgaria’s competitive advantage in energy

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October 2021
Bulgaria's business, economy and politics explained in 128 pages of quality reporting
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